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A Quick Guide to Common Things You Might Need 

  • Baca Market and Fruterja California
    If you’re looking for fresh produce and veggies, these are the spots where the locals shop. They are literally across the street from each other and the prices are cheap compared to most of the other options here.
  • Walmart
    There are two Walmart locations, roughly the same distance.
  • Costco
    If you have Costco Membership from the US, you can shop at the Costco here with no issues. The Walmart above is nearby.
  • Chedraui Puerto Vallarta Punta De Oro
    Similar to  Whole Foods-type experience. 
  • Mega Soriana Vallarta Marina
    Another big grocery store
  • Old Town Market
    Small local grocery store in town, with a limited selection but definitely covers the basics.

If you need cash, your best bet is to go to an ATM and pull out money from there as the conversion rates/fees are usually better than exchange places. Most of the banks have daily limits ranging from 2000 to 5000 pesos. The one bank we found with higher limits (the last time we went, it was 7000 pesos) is Intercam Banco Puerto Vallarta Centro as they cater to ex-pats.

Intercam Banco Puerto Vallarta Centro

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