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Focus, Play, & Relax

If you’re lucky enough to be able to work remotely, Punta Esmeralda is ideal for the digital nomad lifestyle. Experience the paradise of Puerto Vallarta while you work and discover a new way to find a balance between work and life. 

  • Work 9 to 5 for an East Coast time zone based company? Your work day now starts at 8 am, where you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains and ends at 4 pm, leaving you free to enjoy an extended evening exploring glorious Puerto Vallarta or just sitting on the balcony to enjoy a beautiful sunset.
  • Turn off the air conditioning, open the balcony doors, and enjoy nature while the view of you work.
  • Make your budget go farther. Experience culinary delights at reasonable prices, splurge on self-care with a massage at one of the many spas in Puerto Vallarta, and enjoy the beach life.

Fast Wifi

I’m in IT and need fast wifi to be able to work remotely. I’ve tested and used the wifi to work remotely for a week and was able to handle Zoom/Teams/Google Meet video calls, file uploads, and more with no issues.





Work Smarter

We’ve outfitted the home with gear to help make working a bit easier. 

  • A wall-mounted 58″ LED TV with Android that will allow you to mirror your screen wirelessly.
  • Alarm clocks in the bedrooms with USB charger and outlets for each charging
  • Surge Protector Wall Outlet with USB outlets and nightlight for charging your devices in the kitchen during the day and seeing in the kitchen at night.
  • Fill one of the water bottles with filtered water to stay hydrated during the day
Get Inspired

Stress Relief

Feeling stressed by work? I was but I found spending time at Punta Esmeralda made everything better. Here are some tips that I discovered that worked for me to alleviate stress.

  • Work from the balcony and periodically look up and take a deep breath as you bask in the sun and gaze at nature the ocean.
  • At lunch, take a short break and go for a dip in the pool and decompress with the views of lush green plant life and the ocean.
  • Turn off the laptop, enjoy a light lunch on the balcony and watch for wildlife including iguanas in the trees and various birds.
  • In the evening, put on a guided meditation and watch the sunset over the ocean. No sunset is the same, and the skies change rapidly with myriad of colors.
Food & Fuel

Fully Equipped Kitchen

The kitchen features a fully equipped kitchen with Fridge, Stove, Oven, and Microwave along with all the cooking tools you may need. A dedicated tap with filtered water will keep you well hydrated. Go shopping at one of the local supermarkets or Walmart, pick up snacks and drinks of your choice.

Pack Lighter


Whether you’re staying short or longer term, the condo includes a washer and dryer so you can do laundry.

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